Saturday, August 21, 2010


I am just a typical not-so-young professional who is struggling so hard to get her work done correctly and timely.
Reality bites, sometimes our deeds are misunderstood... Sometimes also our efforts are just simply ignored.
No matter how hard we try to keep up the good work, we do sometimes fail... we do sometimes missed the main significant points. Doing multifarious tasks can be tedious, stressful and may cause a lot of pressures. An armful load of assignments is so difficult to cope up especially if all are on the "priority list". Like what others said, we just cannot serve two masters at the same time, how much more with three or more? But somehow, if we are used to it, it became so normal that we don't recognize those negative feelings anymore. Too good to be true?
Honestly, I can do a lot of things if I am in a very calm situation. Meaning, if things around me are okay, everything will be okay. And if I am okay, no matter how loaded my hands would be with works, it really doesn't matter because I am at peace and my heart is right. I know this has something to do with my attitude. In work, I should be insensitive sometimes. I should not let bad situations overwhelm me that could really affects my work. But I just can't help it. 
I know we cannot pleased everyone- that's a FACT. But if the one we want to pleased with is not returning the favor, woooh what a disaster it would be!
I am now hanging in a balance... uncertain of the outcome. I do not know what lies ahead of me.
Well, God knows better how I felt right now. Whatever may happen, it should be in accordance to His will, whether in favor or against me. I JUST DO NOT KNOW.