Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Skin So Soft

I've been a regular AVON user for quite some time now...In fact I've signed up to be a sub-dealer just to earn a 25% discount :)... Among its beauty essentials, one of my favorite is their SSS Body Lotion or Skin So Soft Lotion. It comes with different variants..True to its name you can really feel its softness, you've got to try for you to experience it... Wanna have a soft, huggable skin? Try Skin So Soft!

Wordful Wednesday

Wow... HEre I am again engaging myself to the memes that I found so exciting... I have a lots of meme to follow on my main blog so I decided to have the other memes here so that others would care to follow lol! :D

Photo editing using an applications via internet somehow stirs an interest within me so I opted to have this pic (since there's no specific theme given) for my first attempt...

wish I can be a real cover girl someday hahahahaha....

here's another one....

(I just can't get enough hahahaha.... And maybe, you want some more?

I hope I can post more alike pictures here but maybe it's too redundant (my one and only face lol:D) til next! Dont forget to visit 7 Clown Circus for more blogs... Happy Blogging!


To my dear followers and friends (who until now are still undecided if they will follow my blog or not lol:D) I have my Then Sings my Soul Saturday meme which can be found on my other blog: Museikcaj... I'm pretty sure you will be greatly inspired by the videos i carefully chosen (all of them are my favorites!)... Check it out!

Here In My Life

watch out for the next music videos every Saturday... God bless! :)