Thursday, August 5, 2010

I Am A Filipino

I am a Filipino citizen and I am proud about it. I am short, with curly hair and a brown complexion. I love the sunset, I admired the sea, I love siesta time, I love to play "sungka","bato-lata", and "taguan". I used to play "patintero" when I was a kid during full moon. 

I love to hear folk stories, I love to doodle, I love to  sing... I don't really dance but I learned few steps of chacha, bogie and tango.

I believe in dreams. I hope in reality. I enjoyed life in province more than life in the city. I love nature. I love trees. I love mountain climbing even under the scorching heat of the sun. I love the beaches though I do not know how to swim.

I am really a Filipino. Despite crises that our country is facing, I am still proud for being a Filipino. Versatile, flexible, friendly though quite moody.

I am not considering yet of going abroad because my heart feels safer to be here than there...

I am a Filipino, equally created by God on His own image and likeness.

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The Risk of Delaying

We want things to get done as early as possible. That is no longer unusual for all of us. Procrastination became slowly eradicated and delay is no longer permissible. Well, this does not apply to ALL things. This only applies when money is involved. Yes, and that's a fact. When you are applying for a loan, or filing for reimbursement, of course nobody wants a delayed result. Every one of us wants to get it sooner than later.

How about when talking in the other aspect of our lives? Our spirituality? Seldom we can hear that one is in a hurry to get to know God and His miracles. It always have been in slower pace... still processing. It is easy to live an easy-go-lucky kind of life without considering if we'll be breathing our last breathe in the next few seconds or longer... So sad because, only few take that into consideration. Even for us, who claim to have accepted Jesus Christ as our personal Lord and Saviour. We, sometimes failed and neglect or rather forget to correct it thinking that with just a little prayer of "I'm Sorry, Lord" all becomes well. That should not be the case. I am getting passive sometimes in reminding myself of the things that I ought to do yet failed to do it...

There's a risk in delaying the things that is for God... we do not own our lives, He is still in control. Whether we are in good health or not, he can take our lives ANYTIME. We do not know what lies ahead, but we were already given the scenario on what would life be ahead of us through His words if we completely believe it and long for it.

Let's not waste our lives,rather  let's live it to the fullest!