Thursday, October 1, 2009

When Nature Revenge...A Wake Up Call

After Tropical Storm (not Typhoon) Ondoy's (a.k.a Ketsana) dramatic exit here in the Philippines, its fury didn't cease yet...It continue to damage another part of the Asia-Pacific countries. It killed 38 people from Vietnam, and another 11 casualties from Cambodia (as broadcasted on BANDILA Channel 2 09/30/09 episode)... A very unpredictable event that resulted to catastrophical illness (physically, emotionally, psychologically,mentally) among our brothers and sisters...
All these things that happened were, according to them, caused by many factors and one of which is the GLOBAL WARMING (others prefer to call it Climate Change)... Yes if I may reacted on this, I will agree... and that Global Warming is ,again, caused by who else but US! We are all responsible of what was happened... We are aware of the Global Warming but we do not pay attention to its WARNING (how is that?)
Another devastating news... Indonesia was hit by a 7.9 MAGNITUDE Earthquake and as of the time it was broadcasted, 13 were killed... Lastly, Samoan island experienced a 15-20 ft TSUNAMI wherein 113 were reportedly dead :(
When Nature Revenge...everybody is affected.
This is a wake up call for us all...
Let's cross our fingers in praying that Typoon Pepeng will not cause any destruction anymore..
Click here for the Tsunami Video

Data Structure...

I've been teaching to an IT students with Basic AutoCADD subject for four years now... Some found my subject so easy that they don't have to burn their midnight candles for a remarkable grades...but not with their DATA STRUCTURES subject. What is DATA STRUCTURES anyway?
A DATA STRUCTURESis a group of data elements grouped together under one name. These data elements, known as members, can have different types and different lengths. Data structures are declared in C++ using the following syntax:

struct structure_name {
member_type1 member_name1;
member_type2 member_name2;
member_type3 member_name3;
} object_names;

where structure_name is a name for the structure type, object_name can be a set of valid identifiers for objects that have the type of this structure. Within braces { } there is a list with the data members, each one is specified with a type and a valid identifier as its name.

The first thing we have to know is that a data structure creates a new type: Once a data structure is declared, a new type with the identifier specified as structure_name is created and can be used in the rest of the program as if it was any other typeclick here for more info
Wait wait wait.. from the definition itself, its too hard for me to grasp... not to mention its technicalities (I'm not an IT graduate anyway)... So everytime my students made a comment about this subject, what else a teacher like me can advise to them? Being an IT students, be resourceful enough...go to the library, browse from the internet or ask your instructor!