Tuesday, August 24, 2010

TCP: Inception

I have watched Inception more than two weeks ago at SM Cinema with Ate Jeni (my sponsor) and Rhyz. Ate Jeni said it was her second time to watch the movie but love the movie so much that she never get tired of watching it over and over again.
And yes, true to her words, the movie is indeed so mind-boggling that if you haven't watch the first scene you will find it really vague. Leonardo played his role so well (as expected). The cinematography and the effects are well done. We were able to watch on its last full show so I didn't get the chance of watching it all over again. Right after the movie, ate jeni asked me if how many times did Leonardo dreamed, I said four but shew insisted on five.... Well, whatever, I cannot argue  with her because that was her second or third time... Wondering? Watch it so you will know :)

Saturday, August 21, 2010


I am just a typical not-so-young professional who is struggling so hard to get her work done correctly and timely.
Reality bites, sometimes our deeds are misunderstood... Sometimes also our efforts are just simply ignored.
No matter how hard we try to keep up the good work, we do sometimes fail... we do sometimes missed the main significant points. Doing multifarious tasks can be tedious, stressful and may cause a lot of pressures. An armful load of assignments is so difficult to cope up especially if all are on the "priority list". Like what others said, we just cannot serve two masters at the same time, how much more with three or more? But somehow, if we are used to it, it became so normal that we don't recognize those negative feelings anymore. Too good to be true?
Honestly, I can do a lot of things if I am in a very calm situation. Meaning, if things around me are okay, everything will be okay. And if I am okay, no matter how loaded my hands would be with works, it really doesn't matter because I am at peace and my heart is right. I know this has something to do with my attitude. In work, I should be insensitive sometimes. I should not let bad situations overwhelm me that could really affects my work. But I just can't help it. 
I know we cannot pleased everyone- that's a FACT. But if the one we want to pleased with is not returning the favor, woooh what a disaster it would be!
I am now hanging in a balance... uncertain of the outcome. I do not know what lies ahead of me.
Well, God knows better how I felt right now. Whatever may happen, it should be in accordance to His will, whether in favor or against me. I JUST DO NOT KNOW.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

RT2: Me and my Ate

LBC's unsolicited  models

A moment to cherish with my Ate... we really do have fun during this time... Good thing it was captured and treasured... I miss her too...

Friday, August 13, 2010

Thursday, August 12, 2010

My Site Worth...

According to

Well, not too bad at all...

How about yours? Care to check it out?

Shoot Me: with my nieces

grrr.. i am indeed getting bigger :(

see how cute they were? (the kids)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

RT1: My jenny...

see the difference? 
I just missed my sister so much upon seeing her old pic (when she's still too young) posted on her facebook wall. Time flew so fast and a lot of changes took place... 

We're quite different in so many ways yet we're close enough. She's the aggressive type, I'm a little bit apprehensive... She's adventurous, and I'm a little bit reserved. She's pretty and, well, other says, I'm just cute (lol)... Really, I missed her so much... I missed those bonding we have together. We used to fight and then laugh about it... 

She's now happily married to a very loving, understanding husband who love her unconditionally. I am very happy for her... and for the kind of life that she's enjoying right now... 

Hopefully, her plan to go home by next year will finally be pursued... 

Can't wait to see her... ♥

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Monday, August 9, 2010

The Sting of Pressure

Pressure at work and pressure in personal life- how should we go about it? By merely thinking on the "how", that entails a lot of pressure already. Pressure can choke us to death... oops overstated! But honestly, it could happen if not handled properly. Wherever you go, whatever you do, pressures are indispensable. Forgot an important event? Scheduling a meeting? organizing a committee? or even gathering ideas in order to come up with a narrative report to be submitted on the day the instruction was given? P-R-E-S-S-U-R-E-. Where in the world does pressure originated from? WordWeb defines it as "An oppressive condition of physical, mental, social or economic distress"  and mind you, distress was clearly defined as "psychological suffering". Too bad, does it sound so alarming? I sometimes have this feeling whenever I am faced with pressures. I even wanted to shout just to release all of it. But if we come to realize in the long run that life is not all about that, then maybe we can cope up with it. Besides, there's more to life than pressure. We can still manage our life well amidst those things. Let us just remember that pressure are only present if we failed to do our task well and if we failed to surrender everything to God, our only source of strength. Let us be reminded that we tend to fail and feel pressured and all these were allowed by God for us to acknowledge His presence and Sovereignty. If you haven't tried to  lift up everything to God, why not do it now?

Hopefully by reading this, you will realize that life is not really that bad after all and that Pressures may be indispensable but our God is able.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

random thoughts...

The Family plays a vital role in the society, they might be the smallest unit but they are the most important component. However, it is so sad to note that our family are sometimes being neglected by our government, specifically, the less fortunate one... I wonder how could the other country gives more value on the family while ours don't?

Thursday, August 5, 2010

I Am A Filipino

I am a Filipino citizen and I am proud about it. I am short, with curly hair and a brown complexion. I love the sunset, I admired the sea, I love siesta time, I love to play "sungka","bato-lata", and "taguan". I used to play "patintero" when I was a kid during full moon. 

I love to hear folk stories, I love to doodle, I love to  sing... I don't really dance but I learned few steps of chacha, bogie and tango.

I believe in dreams. I hope in reality. I enjoyed life in province more than life in the city. I love nature. I love trees. I love mountain climbing even under the scorching heat of the sun. I love the beaches though I do not know how to swim.

I am really a Filipino. Despite crises that our country is facing, I am still proud for being a Filipino. Versatile, flexible, friendly though quite moody.

I am not considering yet of going abroad because my heart feels safer to be here than there...

I am a Filipino, equally created by God on His own image and likeness.

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The Risk of Delaying

We want things to get done as early as possible. That is no longer unusual for all of us. Procrastination became slowly eradicated and delay is no longer permissible. Well, this does not apply to ALL things. This only applies when money is involved. Yes, and that's a fact. When you are applying for a loan, or filing for reimbursement, of course nobody wants a delayed result. Every one of us wants to get it sooner than later.

How about when talking in the other aspect of our lives? Our spirituality? Seldom we can hear that one is in a hurry to get to know God and His miracles. It always have been in slower pace... still processing. It is easy to live an easy-go-lucky kind of life without considering if we'll be breathing our last breathe in the next few seconds or longer... So sad because, only few take that into consideration. Even for us, who claim to have accepted Jesus Christ as our personal Lord and Saviour. We, sometimes failed and neglect or rather forget to correct it thinking that with just a little prayer of "I'm Sorry, Lord" all becomes well. That should not be the case. I am getting passive sometimes in reminding myself of the things that I ought to do yet failed to do it...

There's a risk in delaying the things that is for God... we do not own our lives, He is still in control. Whether we are in good health or not, he can take our lives ANYTIME. We do not know what lies ahead, but we were already given the scenario on what would life be ahead of us through His words if we completely believe it and long for it.

Let's not waste our lives,rather  let's live it to the fullest!