Friday, May 28, 2010

Oxis' Powerful Anti oxidant

Nowadays, we are too reliant with medicines in combating our sicknesses. Our tolerance for pain decreases that a slight symptoms brought us to drug store to buy the appropriate medicine. However, what is usually available on over-the-counter drug prescriptions are synthetic medicine. With this kind of prescriptions, chances are, it has always its side effects. Our body cannot cope up with the medicine we are taking if we became drug-dependent. We must consider our body first and foremost. Synthetic medicines may affect some of our vital organs while trying to cure a specific part.

There's nothing wrong with being health conscious provided that we should be meticulous in choosing the right medicine to take. We should even consider the source of medicine or its manufacturer. I visited and learned that they are engaged in research against oxidative stress which can be the source of health breakdown. In the body, free radicals are high-energy particles that ricochet wildly and damage cells. This too can be fatal. Stress plus free radicals can be equated to death if not given enough attention. Oxis was able to develop Ergothioneine, a potent antioxidant which remains the only significant commercial source of pure l-ergothioneine worldwide. Ergothioneine's potential benefits include conserving and maintaining the levels of other antioxidants such as Vitamin E, Vitamin C and glutathione which most women patronizes. Don't trade your health with penny stocks, trust only the expert.

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